I wish to testify to the healing...

I wish to testify to the healing power of Christian Science, first in the setting of a broken bone, and again in the complete eradication of all evidences of a broken bone.

The first instance occurred in the summer of 1938. My husband was away on a business trip and my two sons and I decided to mow the lawn for him. Soon the task became arduous, since I had never used a lawn mower. Feeling weighed down with the burden of the undertaking. I started down an incline, but the lawn mower seemed to pull my feet from under me and I fell on my ankle. Something gave way, and the foot was found to be turned in a completely reverse position. I first felt faint, then lifted my thought to God for a right idea. He never fails. Immediately came the realization that I was trying to fill a place not my own, and then the reassurance that Mind holds everything in its place. I was led to take the foot and replace it in its right position. A neighbor who had come up said she could hardly believe what she saw to be true. I tried to rise, and when the foot fell I replaced it again and sent into the house for a towel to hold it in place. When my friend helped me to the house I telephoned a practitioner, who said that evidently something was broken and it might be advisable to have the foot in a cast while it knit.

Testimony of Healing
In the year 1904 I received my...
May 15, 1943

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