According to Rule

From the time a little lad beginning his school life takes the first steps in simple arithmetic, falteringly and without knowledge, to the time many years later when he has advanced to the study of higher mathematics, he has been taught to do one thing—to follow the rule. It is almost as though it were engraved on his thought, so well has he learned it. Experience during these years has taught him that any variation from the rules brings the wrong result, no matter how many hours he may have worked, nor with what care he may have made the calculations. He does not consider the rule to be arbitrary; instead, he knows it to be an unfailing guide. He no longer goes falteringly wondering whether the result will be correct, but works with assurance, because he knows that the rule never fails.

So it is in Christian Science, which reveals unerring Principle to each earnest seeker for Truth. In approaching life's problems, no matter how difficult they may seem, the student learns that strict adherence to Principle brings the correct solution. There is never any question about the unchanging law of God. As he applies it correctly, his demonsration is made.

Apprehension of Spiritual Facts
May 15, 1943

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