Among the many blessings of...

Among the many blessings of healing and protection which I have received, there stands out one which came soon after I began reading Christian Science literature. About thirty-five years ago, while I was farming a considerable distance from home, I found that I had only a small piece of tobacco in my pocket. I did not want to stop and go to town, which was five miles away, to get more, for I wanted to finish so that I could go home on Saturday. I laid the tobacco up on the cupboard, thinking I should have enough for a little each morning. I went to work, and while plowing I began to think of what I had been reading and began to feel freer and freer, and felt that God was right there with me. I found myself putting up my hand to reach His, and I have never wanted tobacco since.

Among other healings, one for which I am most grateful was of two broken ribs. The injury resulted from a fall on the ice. I called a practitioner, but never stopped work, and am very grateful for the loving work and the healing that followed. I also received a healing of shingles while on a pleasure trip, without those around me knowing anything of it. This healing was the result of loving work from a practitioner.

Our Daily Bread
April 3, 1943

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