The Science of Being—Its Relation to Healing

When our Master, Christ Jesus, did his glorious healing works, he proved that the understanding of man's spiritual perfection removes the illusion of disease and error and brings to human apprehension the harmony of man in the Science of being. Spiritual healing is the demonstration of the truth of being. In place of mortal mind's false concept, the divine idea is proved to be present and supreme.

When Jesus healed a blind man, he did much more than destroy belief in blindness; he emphatically demonstrated the unchangeable spiritual faculty of vision. Jesus said to the blind, "Receive thy sight." It was as much as to say: "You have sight. Receive what is always yours and what is already here. Receive thy sight—already possessed, because already created." And he who was blind received—accepted without delay or argument—his sight.

The First Beautitude
April 3, 1943

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