True maturity is not the result of mortal growth or development; it is not attained by the putting off of childhood and the putting on of manhood. Maturity is a state of consciousness. It is the eternal unfolding of man in God's image.

Youth looks eagerly towards human maturity in anticipation of its assets, if not of its responsibilities. But who, with increasing years, the advantage of scholarship, and the accumulation of experience, can claim that these have ensured men against methods and motives wholly immature? During the centuries tyranny and violence, passions and prejudices, have not been annulled.

On page 11 of "Unity of Good" Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Jesus required neither cycles of time nor thought in order to mature fitness for perfection and its possibilities." He who came forth from the Father, knowing himself to be Mind's representative, did not require years in material research, in practical experimentation, in the analytical study of the philosophies and methods of men to express and demonstrate perfection. He who declared of himself, "Before Abraham was, I am," showed forth the maturity of divinity. He revealed in his words and deeds, in his prophetic judgment, that their source and inspiration were of divine Mind. Thus it was that he perceived what was in the hearts of men, though he was no student of psychology; that he healed the sick without medical knowledge; that amongst lawyers, Pharisees, and Sadducees, and in the presence of the Roman procurator, the immaturity of his assailants was exposed in glaring contrast to his maturity.

Why Should I Go to War?
January 2, 1943

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