Replies in the Press to Criticisms of Christian Science

Roanoke World News W. Marlborough Addison, former Committee on Publication for Virginia

It is disconcerting, in these troublous days, to find an official representative of so large a body of splendid men and women as compose the medical profession, attacking the good names of world-famous men and women, and the religious beliefs and practices of devout Christians. According to the report of a lecture appearing recently in the columns of your good paper, a prominent physician, speaking before a large audience in Roanoke on the subject of "Quackery," referred to Mary Baker Eddy as having originated something which might fall into this classification. Kindly allow me to correct this false and unwarranted assumption.

Mary Baker Eddy was a noble, Christian gentlewoman. Her discovery, Christian Science, and the good resulting therefrom, are now well known. The laws of God, Spirit, are eternal, universal, and unchangeable. In proportion to our understanding of these laws, we can use them in regaining and maintaining health, happiness, peace, and other like qualities and conditions. A quack is defined as "a boastful pretender to medical skill." Christian Scientists do not engage in boastful talking, nor do they pretend to be skilled in the modes of material medicine.

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