Why Should I Go to War?

Many thousands of young men have been, and are being, confronted with this question. In the thinking of their dear ones the question repeats itself many times. It is a question that deserves a straightforward answer. Why should the young man in the vestibule of his human life, his education perhaps but partly completed, his life plans in the process of unfoldment, suddenly be taken, separated from home, family, his native land, and sent to combat a cruel antagonist in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, or on the high seas? Why? Why is it so necessary to war?

From the standpoint of spiritual Science war is barbarism. From the standpoint of present-day human thinking—and we all have a part in that—war appears to be, in this crisis of human history, a necessary means whereby to protect the steps of human progress already taken. Where should we be today if earlier generations had been unwilling courageously to defend, though with carnal weapons, humanity's advancing steps out of human bondage into freedom's realm?

Item of Interest
Item of Interest
January 2, 1943

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