"The whole armour of God"

[Written Especially for Young People]

A Detail of young soldiers was assigned to do a rather disagreeable job of cleaning paint from the floor of a barracks in a certain camp after the walls and ceiling had been sprayed by a paint gun operated on compressed air. Some of the men were grumbling because it had to be done in the evening after the regular busy routine of the day. However, one of them went about his work without complaint, considering it a part of his duty as a soldier to be cheerfully obedient under all circumstances.

In the room where the soldiers were working were two heating stoves, and because of the severe cold weather, both were filled with briskly burning fuel. The oils used in quick-drying paints are highly volatile, and the room was filled with potent fumes as a result of using the spray gun for some three hours. The boys who were cleaning the floors had not been at work long when, with a blinding flash, the fumes were ignited by the fires in the stoves, and the room became a blazing inferno.

"Patience, courage, meekness learning"
June 6, 1942

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