Bible Notes

[The Biblical citations given in the Christian Science Quarterly are from the Authorized King James Version. The Bible Notes in these columns can be used, if deemed necessary, to elucidate some of the words or passages contained in the Bible Lessons. The Notes in this issue are related to the Lesson-Sermon designated to be read in Christian Science churches on June 14, 1942.]

"The Lord is our defence; and the Holy One of Israel is our king" (Ps. 89:18)—A literal rendering of the Hebrew original would be: "Our shield (belongs) to the Lord, and our King to the Holy One of Israel." In view of this we find that Briggs translates: "For Yahweh's is our shield, and to the Holy One of Israel belongs our king;" though Smith prefers: "For the Lord is our shield, and the holy one of Israel our king."

"He brought me up also out of an horrible pit" (Ps. 40:2)—More literally, "a pit of roaring" or "tumult" or "destruction." Consequently, Smith translates: "He drew me up from the pit of ruin;" though Kent has: "... out of a desolate pit."

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June 6, 1942

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