Sunday School Notes and Comments

Much has been said and written regarding the education of the youth of today. And it is a subject that challenges the thought of the earnest student of Christian Science. One avenue through which this challenge may be met is the Christian Science Sunday School, which provides for true spiritual education. Mrs. Eddy, our beloved Leader, in establishing the Sunday school, laid the foundation for future church membership and for carrying on the work of the Cause of Christian Science. She says of the children (Pulpit and Press, p. 9), "Ah, children, you are the bulwarks of freedom, the cement of society, the hope of our race!" The childlike qualities of innocence, purity, love, joy, courage, spontaneity, and promptness defend our freedom, and unite us with that expectancy which leads to completion of right effort. Surely, it is the joyous privilege of those engaged in the work of the Sunday school to encourage the expression of these qualities.

He who perceives that God is the only Teacher, and that intelligence, inspiration, and ability to impart instruction from his heavenly Father belongs to him, will be enabled wisely to present the lesson to his pupils. For he will keep his thought interesting, joyous, and free to express that which he has received from Mind. Mrs. Eddy says in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 514): "Diligence, promptness, and perseverance are likened to 'the cattle upon a thousand hills.' They carry the baggage of stern resolve, and keep pace with highest purpose. Tenderness accompanies all the might imparted by Spirit."

It is divinely natural for children to be attracted to the truth. They rejoice in listening for God's voice. Any suggestion to the contrary is but a suggestion of the carnal mind. For "with loving-kindness have I drawn thee." In God's kingdom, where, in reality, we dwell, there are no false attractions. Love shepherds the Sunday school. Aggressive beliefs of sleepiness, inclement weather, inadequate transporation, or lack of desire for spiritual education are overcome by thought awake to the truth.

Testimony of Healing
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June 6, 1942

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