"Proofs of God's care"

The proof of God's care does not lie in the mere possession of human ease, physical health, and prosperity, though mortal mind would fain have us so believe. Mary Baker Eddy throws startling light upon one of the proofs of God's care when she writes (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 66), "Trials are proofs of God's care." The earnest student of Christian Science often ponders this statement, which he may at first have felt to be at variance with the theme everywhere present in Mrs. Eddy's writings, that divine Love bestows only good upon its offspring, and that all evil is the result of erroneous concepts.

The tendency of scholastic theology has been to magnify suffering by endowing it with a certain dignity and value of itself, as emanating from and directed by God. Christian Science does not do this. It teaches that the only purpose of suffering—never imposed by God, but self-afflictive, the result of ignorance and fear or deliberate infringement of God's laws—is to awaken men to spiritual reality, wherein is no sin or suffering. The student who suffers as the result of error, and is willing to leave it behind, does not dwell with the mistakes, or his own part in them, longer than to learn his lesson from them and intelligently guard himself against their repetition. He who spends his time in self-pity or resentment, does not learn. No one will find the "proofs of God's care" who is engaged in contemplation of evil, in thoughts of fear, and in the bemoaning of his fate. In every experience, however humanly grievous it may at first appear to be, there is the immediate, valiant, resolute call to prove that the presence and power of Love are equal, indeed superior, to every mortal problem in which the acceptance of mortality has involved the human race.

March 7, 1942

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