True Democracy

Amid the welter of statement and discussion relative to true democracy which is so prevalent at present, only now and then is there uttered a word of recognition of the spiritual basis, the only permanent basis of democracy, of all true government. The notion that the voice of the people is the voice of God has lost much of its former impressiveness, for it has often been and still is being demonstrated that popular acclaim, even through the agency of the ballot box, is far from giving expression to the divine will. Facing this fact, we are prompted to inquire what method may be adopted to ensure that the will of God be actually expressed in human endeavor, in righteous government as well as in other phases of Christian living.

When through prophetic vision Isaiah foretold the coming of the Christ, one of the activities in which the divine presence would be manifested was government. "And the government shall be upon his shoulder" were the exact words of the prophet. That is, the Christ, Truth, would direct and govern the nations righteously when the people themselves desired a just form of government, when there was willing submission to divine law. Through the centuries of the Christian era not infrequently has the effort been made to establish government under divine will, that is, government in the form of a theocracy under divine law. This has not succeeded, however, because of a false concept of Deity, and, consequently, a misconception of the character and mission of the Christ. As the fundamentals of government have been wrong, there is little wonder that the structures reared thereon have not been successful and lasting. The result has been what is witnessed today, a type of democracy based for the most part upon human will and self-seeking, with little regard for the need to ascertain and apply the divine will in order to establish a just, a righteous, and, in consequence, a permanent form of government.

Finding Spiritual Peace in the Midst of War
August 23, 1941

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