"Have we not all one father?"

The foundation of mortal discord is a false sense of man's origin." So writes Mary Baker Eddy on page 262 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." Throughout the ages men have endeavored to overcome discord, sin, sickness, sorrow, lack, war, death, and all the unhappy conditions which seem to harass human existence. Since these discords seem to have increased instead of diminished, is it not apparent that men have sought their destruction by wrong methods?

We know that in order to eradicate a weed, one must destroy its root. So it is with mortal discord, which results from "a false sense of man's origin." What, then, is the remedy? Simply this: the gaining of the true sense of man's origin! Christian Science, through the light it throws upon the Scriptures, is helping mankind to gain this knowledge of the true nature of man.

The Bible states, "God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him." Here we find the definite record of man's true origin: "God created man in his own image." Christ Jesus declared that God is Spirit. He taught and proved that man in God's image and likeness is spiritual. Spiritual man has never been changed. Since man is spiritual, he knows nothing of the discords of mortal sense.

Christian Science teaches that we need not accept any discordant condition as necessary or real. It teaches us to recognize our real selfhood as a child of God. Mortal mind is the basic error in this false sense of existence; it seems to evolve its own likeness and call it material man. But when we admit that God created man as His spiritual likeness, we take away the foundation of mortal mind's false claims.

Since God is the one infinite creator, He is the Father of all. The prophet Malachi must have recognized this fact, since in reproving the children of Israel for their falling away from serving God, and for their treacherous dealings with their brethren, he was led to say, "Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us?" Is not recognition of the one Father, humanity's great need? This recognition and realization in human consciousness must be the eventual cure for all misunderstandings between individuals and nations, for when one sees himself as embraced in universal brotherhood, he loses the sense of race prejudice, and sees that, in reality, all are brethren. One then understands that there is no real cause for friction or wars, because God, the Father, provides all good for all His children. One then knows he can have nothing at the expense of another's good, for each one may claim and receive abundant good from his loving Father.

Man, as the spiritual child of God, experiences nothing of hatred, malice, or enslavement; nor does he lack anything for his completeness, but knows God as governing and supplying all. The real man is conscious only of good; and to the extent that the individual realizes this spiritual truth, he can demonstrate it in his every activity. He is then proving his true origin in Spirit; he is finding his true selfhood as a son of God and thus losing the false sense of existence as material and subject to discord. As this true concept of man unfolds more and more in individual consciousness, it will be manifested in greater unity of thought and harmony in families, in communities, in and between nations throughout the world.

Each one can become conscious now of his spiritual heritage. The real man has never known anything outside of God. Shall we not claim our true inheritance as God's children? Shall we not rejoice in knowing that all have one Father, God? In "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 279) our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, has written, "God is Father, infinite, and this great truth, when understood in its divine metaphysics, will establish the brotherhood of man, end wars, and demonstrate 'on earth peace, good will toward men.'"

Higher and Higher
May 31, 1941

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