God's Glorious Man

God's man—and there is no other real man—is entirely and eternally spiritual. His life, individuality, identity, and completeness are forever established in the one and only Mind. Man is the living, conscious reflection or expression of Mind, and is as perfect as his creator, Mind, for man fully represents Mind.

God, divine Mind, is the only creator. Man and the universe is His creation. Man is the fulfillment of God's will. He is forever obedient to and at one with Truth, because he is the image and likeness of God, Truth. Truth, being infinite, knows no exception to, no deviation from, and no cessation of itself. It is changeless and permanent, and fills all space. Its nature is constructive, protective, infinitely loving; and, being ever present, it meets every human need.

Usher Hospitality
January 13, 1940

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