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When a Christian Science lecture is to be given by a branch organization of The Mother Church, careful preparation is made to make sure that every step connected with this activity shall proceed with harmony and dignity. Prayerful work is done by the lecture committee and membership in the expectancy that the words of truth given out by the lecturer shall reach the receptive thought and bear "fruit an hundredfold."

The preparatory work would naturally include thoughtful attention to providing adequate seating facilities for the stranger and the newcomer to Christian Science. Sometimes it has been found that the audience at a Christian Science lecture consists largely of members of branch churches and societies in near-by towns, who have come early in order to obtain desirable seats. Then, when strangers arrive, near the time for the lecture to begin, they are obliged to sit or stand in adjoining rooms or corridors, where it is sometimes difficult to hear the lecture. Thus all the expected benefit may not be received. And yet it was for these very guests that the lecture was planned. If a Christian Scientist were accompanying a friend who was attending his first Christian Science lecture, he naturally would wish that friend to have every facility for receiving the message, and would cheerfully give up his own seat, if necessary. He is just as eager, of course, that all other newcomers shall likewise have ample opportunity to partake of the "feast of Soul" (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 263) that has been prepared.

August 19, 1939

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