Through seeing my mother healed in three days of dropsy...

Through seeing my mother healed in three days of dropsy and heart trouble, after four doctors, including a specialist, had said there was no help for her, I took up Christian Science. I was healed of constipation and piles in one treatment. Our family physician had said I should never be well without an operation for another trouble, yet it was practically overcome in three weeks' treatment. I was healed of a sick headache through repeating "the scientific statement of being" from page 468 of Science and Health. I had had these headaches since I was a child, but I have had only one little touch of headache since, and that was once when I allowed myself to get angry.

Shortly after I took up the study of Christian Science, our boy, then a little over two years old, had what seemed to be a severe case of pneumonia. I was not living near any of the Scientists whom I knew, and my husband had very little knowledge of Christian Science. I had been trusting the children to this wonderful religion for healing and had had splendid results. The eldest girl, then eight, had been healed of stomach trouble, which had bothered her all her life. I was, however, overwhelmed with fear regarding this case. I told my husband that I felt he should say what we should have done for the child. This was a hard thing for me to do, because I felt that, if we depended on medicine for help, the child would not get well, for he seemed very sick. My husband said, "Well, the children have been getting along nicely the way you have been doing with them." I said that I seemed to have too much fear to handle the case myself, and felt that I should have a practitioner help me, but that practitioners charged for their time. He said, "Put a five-dollar bill in a letter and send it." I sent the letter special delivery, knowing that the practitioner would get it in a few hours. By that time the boy was no longer delirious, the fever had left him, and he asked for something to eat. He then wanted to dress and go out to play with the other children, which he did. When his father came home from work that night he ran out to meet him, saying, "See, papa, I am all well."

"Now is the accepted time"
March 25, 1939

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