The Demonstration of Christian Science

[Original article in German] [Written Especially for Young People]

A teacher in a Christian Science Sunday School was once asked by a pupil how one can learn to demonstrate Christian Science. The teacher thereupon answered that one learns to demonstrate the truth by putting into practice the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, and by working constantly to spiritualize one's thought. The pupil replied that he had already tried to do this, but had not brought about any demonstration. He repeated his question, How then is the actual proof of Christian Science to be gained? The teacher explained to him a second time that he could demonstrate Christian Science in no other way than by practicing the teachings our Leader has given us. The inquisitive pupil replied that he could not apply what he had not yet learned.

The teacher then saw that in order to help the pupil, he would have to deal with the question through a practical example. "Can you swim?" he asked the pupil. "Yes," came the answer. "How did you learn to swim?" he then asked. "By going to a shallow place in the water and trying it," was the immediate answer. "Couldn't you have learned without going into the water?" "Of course not!" said the pupil. The teacher continued: "I know a humorous story about a man who refused to go into the water. When asked the reason for his conduct, he explained, 'I shall not go into the water until I can swim.' Do you think that this man ever learned to swim?" "Certainly not." "Well," said the teacher, "it is the same with the demonstration of Christian Science; it comes with understanding and practice."

"Ask, and it shall be given"
August 13, 1938

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