One day two students of Christian Science were riding through the residence section of a Midwestern city. Everywhere, beautiful houses and lawns were in evidence. Children were playing with carefree abandon on the spacious lawns. The younger student, thinking of those with whom she had come into contact in her day's work, the so-called underprivileged, asked: "How is it that these people have luxury, adequate homes, plenty of food, and lovely playgrounds for their children, while those with whom I have been working all day seem to lack even the bare necessities? I am sure that these so-called rich do not know more about God than do the others, who are called poor."

The more experienced student replied: "Each group believes that money is substance, that it can give or take away that which is necessary for happiness. Eventually both the rich and the poor in this world's goods must learn that money is not substance, and that the understanding of God, alone, brings lasting happiness and fills all our needs."

Teaching in the Sunday School
August 13, 1938

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