Follow Through!

Every individual healing in Christian Science involves the basic truths of Christian Science. Even the so-called small healings show that one has measurably comprehended or understood the underlying Principle, the divine power which alone effects the cure. Healing is the proof by which we utilize the workings of the infinite and gain some further understanding of the allness of God.

When our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, rose from a sickbed healed, through divine power, of a severe injury, she knew whereof she was healed, but the how and wherefore she had to investigate. Divinely impelled, she sought the explanation of this healing that had been wrought in her. What marvels have resulted, and what wonders have been performed, since her spiritual search which followed this experience! How deeply grateful we are to the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science!

"From twenty years old and upward"
June 18, 1938

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