What Is Love?

What is love? I wish that I might knowThe answer in its sweet entirety.Like truth, it is a simple, gracious thing;And yet, like truth, it cannot be definedIn words that reach the clouded human mind.The little child knows love—and he who said,Except ye be as children, knew it too.It is security amidst the storms of earth,Warmth and protection, when no warmth is seenBy human eye, when cold about us blowThe bitter winds of winter. It is lightWhen clouds seem heaviest, in darkest night;Calmness, when all about are wild alarms;Strength and endurance far beyond belief;A sure and certain knowledge of the goodThat always has been, and must always be.This and much more love is. We rise aboveThe mists of earth to find that God is Love—God the great All-in-all, the infinite,Omnipotence eternal, the I AM,Whose likeness is and always has been man,God's perfect man, the man the Master saw,And seeing, brought release from earth-born woe,Marking the path where we may safely go.The path of Love—when this we clearly see,Lovely and loving we shall surely be.

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