Christian Science means to me a changed sense of things....

Christian Science means to me a changed sense of things. For many years my beliefs were not based on any scientific fact or proven truth. I could not see any order or system operating in human affairs, and believed that so-called "luck" governed; that everybody was trying to displace his neighbor in an economic sense, and that thinking was an accumulation of whatnots, a storehouse of nonessentials or human cogitations.

I am grateful that I now know some measure of the truth about God and man; and, oh, how different the problems of human experience seem as I now view them! Take for instance sickness. I had an experience several years ago, and from it I learned much about this changed sense of things. A condition arose which seemed to paralyze my entire body. I could not walk, bend, or function normally. Treatment was begun for me by a Christian Science practitioner, but apparently to no avail. I grew steadily worse to a point where I contemplated having some medical help, or passing out of this realm. Then, one memorable day, one of the directors of the church to which I belong, called upon me, and asked me if I had ever considered going to the Benevolent Association Sanatorium in San Francisco for rest and cure. I had done so, but had come to no definite decision. After a thorough discussion of this possiblity, application was made, and in a few days I was on my way there.

Testimony of Healing
Several years ago a Christian Science Sentinel was given...
April 23, 1938

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