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Over four years ago I learned of Christian Science at a...

Over four years ago I learned of Christian Science at a time when life seemed just a chain of disappointments and quite unbearable. I was soon to become more familiar with God's omnipotence. I consider it a duty and a privilege to testify to what Christian Science has done for me and mine.

We have had many healings since we have concerned ourselves with this beautiful truth. The first wonderful healing which we were privileged to observe was that of our four-year-old daughter, who had suffered several years from bladder trouble and a rash. Since all medical aid had failed we asked a practitioner for treatment. Our child was completely healed, and that instantaneously! Not the slightest trace of the trouble has ever shown itself again. Since that time my family and I have been protected from all serious suffering. Indeed, Christian Science has already given me much; not only wonderful healings, but also inner calm, peace, and happiness. Formerly I had never known such. This required constant searching and much struggling; but it was worth while.

Behold and Hear!
April 23, 1938

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