Immunity from Evil

Students of Christian Science have frequently been able to prove their immunity from so-called contagious disease. They have demonstrated that contagion is a thing of thought rather than of matter, and that contagious disease is not communicated by means of germ infection, as many believe, but by means of so-called thought transference. They understand, in other words, that contagion is mental and is spread, very largely, through fear, and that therefore their protection lies in true, fearless thinking.

There is a legend concerning an ancient ruler who was going on a journey. It is related that as he passed out through the gates of the city he was encountered by "The Plague," who was on his way in. "The Plague" is said to have gained the ruler's permission to kill just one of his subjects, during his absence, but when the ruler returned he found that thousands had succumbed. On being accused of not keeping his word, "The Plague" replied, "I killed but one, fear killed the rest."

April 23, 1938

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