Molding Our Will to God's

[Written Especially for Young People]

A Ferryboat was about to complete its crossing. Its decks were crowded with people who were waiting to land. Slowly the ferry approached its berth. On either side a wall of oiled piles extended, outlining the place that awaited the boat. As the vessel nosed in, it touched the piles, first on one side, then on the other, each bump helping to guide it into its appointed place. It was safely moored, and had fulfilled its task of conveying its passengers across the river.

Occasionally we may have experiences that are somewhat analogous to that of the ferryboat. Sometimes it seems that we are bumped this way and that. But if we are conscientiously applying the truth of Christian Science in our daily living, we may find that the bumps are simply warnings that we are going the wrong way. If heeded, they serve to keep us in the right path. Of this we can be sure: it is never God's will that we should have unhappy experiences. It is only resistance to God's will that causes unhappiness. Just so with the ferryboat: it got bumped only when it deviated from the right path.

What Is Love?
April 23, 1938

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