Christian Science is associated in the thought of many...

Christian Science is associated in the thought of many people with the subject of spiritual healing, and it is correct to say that the healing of both sickness and sin forms an inseparable part of the practice of Christian Science. Many of you are no doubt readers of the Bible, including both the Old and the New Testament; and throughout the sacred writings you will have noticed a great deal of attention is given, especially in the Gospels, to healing work. In the New Testament, many cases of healing are recorded, including those of so-called incurable diseases, such as deafness, dumbness, blindness, palsy, insanity, leprosy, and many others. Moreover, the recovery of the afflicted persons did not depend on time or material processes. Health and freedom instantaneously appeared. The sick man immediately became whole; the lame man immediately walked; the blind man immediately received his sight; the sinner was immediately cleansed.

These healings were not confined to any one class or type of society. Rich and poor, young and old, simple and intellectual, all shared the precious gift which our Master so willingly bestowed. Moreover, the power to heal was not conferred on only one, especially chosen of God to carry out this work. Healing the sick, and even raising the dead, was an integral part of the teaching of the early Christian church.

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April 23, 1938

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