Much effort has been put forth throughout the centuries to teach human beings how to gain spirituality, but there still remains a general misunderstanding about it. Men have questioned the possibility of its attainment, but this should not be so since the simplicity of Christ Jesus' teaching and living illustrates it. In spite of the world's material thinking and living, however, the spiritual side of existence is asserting itself.

The misunderstanding about spirituality is sometimes due to a misapprehension of the terms used to express its nature and character. Spirituality is not a stilted piety; it is not religious emotionalism. On the contrary, it is the apprehension and application of spiritual ideas, which are the reflection of Spirit, divine Mind. Prayer is communion with God; and as through this communion the student consecrates his daily thinking to the unfolding of spiritual ideas, he attains unto spirituality.

Changing the Human Concept
July 31, 1937

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