Spiritually Mental Harvest

One of the great fears of the human mind is fear of lack. Oftentimes, when there is plenty at hand, and even enough for tomorrow, this fear has argued: "You have enough for the present, but what about next month or next year? What are you going to do then?" This fear, with accompanying uncertainty, has frequently expressed itself in dishonesty, greed, and strife; has separated friends and families, and has even drawn nations into war in the effort to obtain security.

Belief in the necessity of laying up something for a "rainy day" has driven men to labor early and late; and sometimes their accumulated material possessions have been lost overnight. When one has experienced loss of material possessions, the need may seem to be money or the things money can buy, but fundamentally the need is not for money or things. The need is for more consecrated spiritual thinking, a better understanding of man made in the image and likeness of God. This understanding will supply the need, regardless of what it may be—money or things. Time is not a factor in the demonstration of supply; the keynote of success lies in the knowledge of spiritual truth. When one admits the error of lack or limitation, one cannot destroy the manifestation of this error; but when these erroneous suggestions, or false beliefs, are rejected from one's consciousness, their harmful results are replaced with harmony and a sense of plenty.

Prayer and Supply
November 20, 1937

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