I wish to express my deep gratitude for Christian Science...

I wish to express my deep gratitude for Christian Science and for all it has done for me and for all mankind. I had seen the healing power of this Science many years before I began to study it. I was grateful in a casual way for the help afforded a member of my family who was a student of it, but I had no religious belief whatsoever, and could not reconcile the thought of a good God with the misery I believed existed about me.

Christian Science was lovingly presented to me at a time when I was experiencing depressed thought, lack, unhappiness, and a great fear for the future. I was struggling with a sense of loss and resentment at the passing on of two loved ones within a year. There seemed to be nothing to look forward to, nothing of much worth to look back upon; and each morning I awakened with the unhappy thought of another day to be gotten through with as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

As I gained the first glimmerings of the truth as taught in Christian Science, a great weight was lifted from my thought. Ineffable peace and joy flooded my consciousness. Hatred, bitterness, sarcasm, vengefulness, and many more ugly traits were relegated to their native nothingness, and slowly but surely kindness, gentleness, humility, and patience are replacing them. I count it as one of my greatest blessings that a serene trust has replaced the fears that claimed to hold me.

Testimony of Healing
I have been so wonderfully blessed by the testimonies...
August 8, 1936

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