On page 359 of Science and Health we find Mrs. Eddy's...

On page 359 of Science and Health we find Mrs. Eddy's words, "Even though you aver that the material senses are indispensable to man's existence or entity, you must change the human concept of life, must at length know yourself spiritually and scientifically."

I feel that I want to thank God for a healing of my eyes which I experienced through endeavoring to understand and follow out the truth contained in that statement. I discovered that it was increasingly difficult, in fact it seemed impossible, for me to read anything at a distance; and even with a book held close to me, the words seemed blurred and indistinct. Also I was unable to distinguish the faces of people I met in the street, and would pass by friends without recognizing them. The condition seemed to be getting worse, and was beginning to interfere seriously with my work. Thinking it over, I saw that a change in mental seeing, as indicated by Mrs. Eddy's words, was necessary. Among other things, I had been testing my sight by material sense testimony, endeavoring to read printed notices which I passed each day.

Testimony of Healing
I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity of...
February 8, 1936

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