"Light in their dwellings"

One of the most interesting of Bible narratives is the account of the departure from Egypt of the children of Israel under the leadership of Moses. This exodus from bondage to the Pharaohs was not accomplished at a single bound. Moses himself spent years of toil and meditation in Midian before he was spiritually ready for the great task of freeing his people, and the people themselves experienced many disappointments and delays before they finally found the way opening through the Red Sea on their pilgrimage toward the promised land.

A depressing period of gloom, during the plague of darkness, lay heavily over the land of Egypt, like an impenetrable blanket. The darkness of mortal mind expresses itself as greed and hatred, fear and ignorance. But the Bible tells us that in the midst of this blinding plague of darkness and fear "all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings."

A Gaining Process
December 5, 1936

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