"One infinite remedy"

"Our Master understood that Life, Truth, Love are the triune Principle of all pure theology; also, that this divine trinity is one infinite remedy for the opposite triad, sickness, sin, and death." With such simple finality does Mary Baker Eddy show her clear comprehension of the method which Jesus used in healing every type of human discord. These words are the conclusion of her answer to a question relative to Christian healing, and are to be found on page 63 of "Miscellaneous Writings."

One who thoughtfully studies the four Gospels, which record the life and works of Christ Jesus, can scarcely fail to be convinced that to Jesus the healing truth was simple. There was nothing mysterious, labored, or complicated about it, although keeping clear his understanding of Truth required even of him a mighty and consecrated turning to the Father, and this sometimes caused him to spend an entire night in prayer.

True Ambition
December 5, 1936

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