Among the qualities which go to make up true Christian character is that precious gem, justice. How conspicuous it was in the life of our great Master, Jesus the Christ, and how earnestly it should be sought by those who are striving to follow him! That our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, saw its transcendent value is evidenced again and again throughout her writings. She refers to "just" and "justice" many times in her published writings. In one very striking passage in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 228) she says that we are brought "to look on a kind, true, and just person, faithful to conscience and honest beyond reproach, as the only suitable fabric out of which to weave an existence fit for earth and heaven."

In certain passages Mrs. Eddy also associates justice with honesty. Honesty and justice are very near relatives. Much of what we have thought of as virtue is largely negative—a mere abstention from wrongdoing. Christian Science gives true virtue a positive tone, an affirmative value. It shows that justice is expressed in active honesty, kindness, and love; in good deeds actually done, not merely contemplated.

"The joy of the Lord"
December 5, 1936

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