A newspaper recently discussed how a salesman should greet his customers in order to promote good business.

This made one who had to go through a period as a salesman realize his gratitude that through the study of Christian Science he was enabled to solve this difficult problem in a salesman's life. This study led him to start out each day with a realization not only of his own oneness with God, but also of the oneness with God, scientifically speaking, of all those with whom he would come in contact during his work. Genesis states that "God created man in his own image," and image means representation in mind, idea, likeness. The student of Christian Science, therefore, has this spiritual thought with him as a universal basis of contact. He finds that as he keeps clearly in thought this standard of perfection for all God's ideas, opportunities open up. This recognition of the unity of Mind's ideas brings with it a naturalness of manner, joy, activity, the ability to express good, all of which make a wonderful basis from which to do business. These qualities, being expressive of the one divine Mind, make the salesman who is being honestly obedient to the teachings of Christian Science welcome wherever he goes. They lift the whole subject of relationship between salesman and buyer to a higher plane of consciousness.

Precious Promises
October 31, 1936

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