Bible Notes

"So will we render the calves of our lips" (Hos. 14:2)—This is a literal rendering of the original Hebrew as it stands, but since in the Biblical period the "calf" was regarded as symbolizing "sacrifice or offering," one might render: "So will we render the offerings of our lips" (verbal offerings, offerings of praise). Similarly, Smith renders: "We will ... requite thee with the fruits of our lips;" though Moffatt has: "Let us bring thee flocks of the fold."

"Man became a living soul" (Gen. 2:7)—The term "nephesh," here rendered "soul," is used in a wide variety of senses in Hebrew, being often employed to denote "life or soul," while in other passages it signifies rather "self, person, desire, appetite, emotion, passion" (Brown, Driver, Briggs: Hebrew Lexicon, p. 659). Moffatt translates: "This was how man became a living being."

Testimony of Healing
With a great desire to express sufficient gratitude for all...
October 31, 1936

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