The Kingdom of God

From the very earliest days of Christianity, the kingdom of God, or the city of God, has been a subject of hope or of aspiration to the religious-minded. It has been the theme of hymns, of sermons, of books; and yet we must acknowledge that to the great majority of Christian the views entertained about this kingdom seem to be based more on the symbolic imagery of the book of Revelation than on the many statements on the subject made by Christ Jesus, the Founder of Christianity.

Modern thought has no doubt shaken the foundations of this imaginary heaven, leaving in its place only a vague belief in a state of contentment or satisfaction; but it is doubtful if many professing Christians could give a definite answer to the question, "What or where is the kingdom of God or heaven?" All they would say positively is that it is not to be attained here and now, but in some future state, that is after death.

July 27, 1935

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