The purpose of my recent letter was, first, to remove any...

Natal Mercury

The purpose of my recent letter was, first, to remove any misunderstanding regarding Christian Science prayer and the conveying of suggestions to a patient, which your correspondent understood was being used; and, secondly, to point out that Christian Science healing is not demonstrated through hypnotism, mesmerism, or any form of necromancy.

All Science, or true knowledge, emanates from the divine Mind, God, who needs no human agent to maintain the perfection of being. Supplication "to pull us out of a mental or physical morass" implies that God is conscious of evil, whereas the Bible says, "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil." Mesmerism, hypnotism, and necromancy involve the action of the human or carnal mind, which Paul says "is enmity against God," and they are classified in Christian Science under this category. Mesmerism and hypnotism are modern words, and so one would not expect to find them in the Bible, but there are many references denouncing the practice of esoteric magic.

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