In January, 1921, I was suffering very much physically,...

In January, 1921, I was suffering very much physically, and one day, when in a very discouraged state of thought, I decided to leave my work and endeavor to regain my health. For several weeks I was in a hospital for observation, and while nothing definite was determined, the condition was diagnosed as heart trouble, stomach disorder, and nervous exhaustion. The hope that was meted out to me upon entering the hospital soon vanished and I was sent home for quiet and rest, as the most helpful treatment. For a period of nine months I was confined to my bed, only occasionally eating meals in a sitting position. The more I endeavored to rest, the less rest I seemed to experience and the more complicated conditions became.

During this time a friend visited me frequently; he was always calm and hopeful and I was much encouraged by his visits. On one such occasion I mentioned to him that I had received a letter that morning from another friend, who suggested that I seek help in Christian Science. To my surprise he told me something of the healing efficacy of Christian Science, and related several cases of healing. In this conversation he quoted this statement of Mrs. Eddy's from Science and Health (p. 494): "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." That evening, when I was groping for some thought to help me go to sleep, this statement from Science and Health came to me, and I promptly went to sleep and slept peacefully all night.

A Child's Thought of Heaven
January 5, 1935

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