My earliest recollections along religious lines are my...

My earliest recollections along religious lines are my questionings as to why people were not healed as Jesus healed. When still a child I heard something of Christian Science, and knew it must be the truth. But it was not until many years later that I took up the study earnestly. My association with an earnest Christian Scientist, whose statements stayed with me and caused me to think, led me to read the textbook. One day, after I had been reading the book and pondering it, these words seemed to be spoken to me: Why, of course, there is Principle back of all the manifestations of life, and that Principle is God, who must be sufficient for all my needs. Then I was ready for a faithful study of Christian Science, and it has met my every need for many years. From a restless, discontented girlhood, this Science gradually led me to contentment and peace, though there were many battles with a temperamental disposition. Very helpful was the teaching, not to condemn self, but to rise to the consciousness of true selfhood. Pleurisy, sinus trouble, and continual colds were among the ills healed in my earlier experience, with the help of practitioners and by my own reading and study; also courage was gained to meet many trying situations.

I am indeed grateful for all our literature and the new Publishing House, for the Board of Directors of The Mother Church, for the church services and lectures, for the Benevolent Association Sanatoriums and Pleasant View Home. Some time ago my housemate and I took advantage of the opportunity of a stay at the Sanatorium in Boston, which was a blessed experience. Our own home is better because of that visit.

My gratitude is unbounded for our beloved Leader, whose inspired discovery has lifted the veil from our thought about the city that "lieth foursquare." I am glad to be of some service in the Cause which is destined to bring salvation to the whole world.

January 5, 1935

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