Our Possessions

"What is he worth?" asks the passer-by about a reputedly rich man. And the reply often recounts a list of solely material things, which, if accounted true, would rob men of spiritual qualities, and thus lessen their wealth of good. Much of human endeavor fosters a getting instead of a giving habit. Young and old attempt to get, by fair means or foul, those things which vanish with the using. Yet, failing to learn this lesson, humanity keeps on in its effort to acquire what it cannot keep.

The present world-wide conditions expose the futility of a wrong sense of possession, which piles up riches only to see them go down. This material wealth cannot be maintained with certainty; it may be here today but gone tomorrow. Relatively speaking, money has value as it is circulated, as it is spent. In other words, to procure anything with money one must part with money. How fleeting is all this; and yet what a mad race there is after this material so-called substance! Only when the world learns the lesson that real substance is not to be found in any form of matter, but in the realm of Mind alone, will the problem of supply be solved.

"Good will toward men"
August 18, 1934

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