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About four years ago my ten-year-old daughter, who was...

About four years ago my ten-year-old daughter, who was at a boarding school, fell seriously ill several times in one year, so that the doctors recommended that I take her home for private lessons, in order that I might watch over her health more carefully. The doctors and I feared very much for her, because in her mother's family two brothers had passed on with so-called hereditary galloping consumption.

The members of the household remarked that my daughter had a high fever daily. The doctors who examined her could not find any reason for this. The child became noticeably thinner and her health became much poorer. It was decided to make an X-ray examination of her lungs, which was later done by a well-known professor, who declared that the lungs were completely out of order and the glands nearly gone because of tuberculosis. The child was sent to the country for two weeks, after which a second X-ray examination had to be made, and then it was decided that she must be sent to a sanitarium. After hearing the doctor's diagnosis and seeing the X-ray photograph, I was quite depressed. When I returned to my home in another town I went to visit a practitioner whom I knew. Although I was young in Christian Science, I knew that there was no other remedy for my daughter, and that nothing else could alleviate my sorrow. This dear lady told me that sorrow could be turned into joy, and she explained to me that matter has no life, intelligence, or truth, and that no parasite can destroy Life; that the child of God lives in harmony, health, and that the real Father of this child—Life, Love, and Truth—cannot cause evil.

Testimony of Healing
My gratitude to Christian Science for all it has done...
August 18, 1934

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