In the last weekly article under "Health Hints," your...

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In the last weekly article under "Health Hints," your medical correspondent confines his remarks to a eulogy of the work of a certain doctor. The doctor is credited with many convincing statements and quotations affirming his views of the mental nature of disease, and though your medical correspondent finds difficulty in agreeing with them, he frankly admits such views to be "a side of medical treatment that has been too much neglected in the past."

While recognizing the necessity "to correct the neglect," yet in a very unfair and unintelligent remark he spoke of what he termed "the absurdities of Christian Science" as an extreme method of those who desire to establish these corrective ideas. Your correspondent concludes his article with an important quotation by "one who was no mystic, but a highly trained physician," in these words: "I assert confidently that there is no known reason why the cure of organic disease, however defined, should not follow the exercise of faith and prayer."

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