So many blessings have come to me through the study of...

So many blessings have come to me through the study of Christian Science that my gratitude is indeed unbounded. Christian Science came into our family and quickly restored one member to health during a so-called crisis of typhoid fever. This healing opened my eyes to the power of Truth to destroy error; and a diligent study of the textbook followed.

Since this revelation of Truth came to us, many difficulties of more or less importance have been healed. A case of tumor was most effectually handled and destroyed; an attack of paralysis was overcome, and the second attack, which according to the belief of medical men is inevitable, never occurred; annual returns of abscesses of the ears and headaches and heart trouble have disappeared. Besides these healings of physical ills we have had many proofs of God's loving care, protection, and guidance in everyday problems, especially in rearing an only daughter, who is now seventeen years old and has never had one drop of medicine. We are grateful, too, that our daughter has had the blessing of the Christian Science Sunday School, and that she is able to apply her understanding of Truth to her problems.

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