A Friend of God

James tells us in his epistle that Abraham was called "the Friend of God." What a warmth of joy this thought brings to us as we realize that we too may be friends of God! To seek this is our very sacred duty; and this thought may be followed by the questions: "Just how may we do this? In what ways can we be so faithful and true to God's commands that we may feel we are reflecting, giving back to Him, even a very little of the divine friendship that He unceasingly gives to us?" And how better, indeed, can we do this than by bearing faithful witness to the crystal purity and perfection of that creation which appeared when God said, "Let there be light: and there was light"? And man, let us remember, is not self-conscious matter, as he seems to the unenlightened thought to be, but is the expression of spiritual perfection.

In Proverbs we read, "A friend loveth at all times;" and what, indeed, is there for us to love but the loveliness of the perfect ideas or qualities of God, or Mind, of which man is constituted?

Salvation and Healing
June 16, 1934

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