Instant Repudiation of Error

In the Gospels it is recorded that Jesus, while walking with his disciples, became conscious that someone in the surrounding throng had touched him. In reply to his inquiry the disciples expressed surprise that, being pressed by the multitude, he should have asked such a question. The Bible narrative then relates that Jesus turned him about in the press, and when the woman who had touched him acknowledged her reason for so doing and declared that she was healed, he said to her, "Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace."

The nature of this woman's healing raises helpful and interesting points. Many lessons may be learned from this particular work of the master Metaphysician, chief among which is the instantaneous demonstration of Truth's efficacy. Holding in thought constantly and consistently the perfect man of God's creating, our Master lived in spiritual understanding of true being, and thus he instantly refuted any denial of this great verity. In this case Jesus recognized the error for what it was and immediately repudiated it—cast it out. Undoubtedly, he recognized the woman as in reality a daughter of the one Father-Mother, God, and knew that as such her true being was entirely spiritual and incapable of discord of any kind. The purity of his thinking enabled him to deny mentally any impression of impurity which tried to force itself upon his consciousness.

Reaping, Not Fainting
May 19, 1934

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