At a time when want is widely prevalent, in striking contrast with the riches in the hands of a few, it is reassuring to know that the great problem of distribution, which causes the economists so much concern, from the spiritual standpoint is already solved. It is solved for eternity, because God, good, is All, is everywhere. And since good is everywhere, none in reality can be in want. Good is found in the qualities or ideas of Mind. How helpful it is to exchange the word "goods" for good! This simple exchange reveals the truth that there is only one good. There are not gods, but one God. In reality there are not minds, but one Mind; and there are not goods, but one good.

This one good is the property of all by reflection, in contrast with the possession of so-called worldly goods. Good is already distributed, and distributed lavishly. It is the property of each of us by inheritance from our universal Father, God. Much is not given to one, and little to another. Each of us can draw upon the inexhaustible resources of infinite good. The only limitation which appears is the limitation we believe in by failing to comprehend and utilize infinite supply.

Mary Baker Eddy's Leadership
February 17, 1934

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