"Natural, but not physical"

"Nature ," as commonly understood, is defined in part as "creative force; the powers that produce existing phenomena." Generally speaking, the human mind, before it is enlightened by Christian Science, regards matter in its various forms and appearances as real, and as the result of plan and purpose. It is interesting to note also that men generally have regarded this power as one which is upon the whole beneficent, and have often thought that nature, left to itself, may heal and restore. Here we see the instinctive searching in the thoughts of men for the right understanding of the relationship between God and man.

Christian Science shows that good is perfectly and divinely natural, since creative Mind is wholly good. Good is symbolically evidenced in the beauty of the earth, in flowers, birds, and sky; and when we consider the lessons these teach, it is not difficult to appreciate divine Love's bounty in its bestowal of good gifts. While this much may be dimly grasped by unillumined human thought, much remains which seems unexplainable. It is here that Christian Science enlightens thought, for as Mary Baker Eddy says in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 111), "Christian Science is natural, but not physical."

The Human Need
February 17, 1934

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