I have had so many blessings from the application of the...

I have had so many blessings from the application of the understanding of Christian Science that I hardly know where to being to tell of them. In February, 1926, my husband and I were wonderfully helped, and healed of the effects of an automobile accident. We were picked up and brought home by a young man who asked if we wished to be taken to a hospital. I asked, instead, that a Christian Science practitioner be called, and this was done. When we reached home we found that my husband's shoulder was either broken or out of place; as we did not have a surgeon we never knew which. When asked if we should call a surgeion, he said, "No, call a practitioner." Although he suffered all night, about ten minutes after calling the practitioner on the following morning he was entirely free from pain, and in a week was back at work, hanging wall paper with that arm. My injury was internal, but I, too, was healed in less than a week.

In the summer and fall of 1929 my husband became very ill. We had Christian Science treatment for him, from one practitioner after another, but he continued to grow worse. During this time financial problems arose, and it seemed as if I were failing to demonstrate any understanding of Christian Science. Before this there had been difficult church problems which up to that time had not been solved. Under all these difficulties I collapsed physically. Severe pain kept me awake day and night. I should like to say here that since coming into Christian Science several years before, I had not known a pain which had not been quickly overcome by the application of Truth. I had also been able to help others overcome troubles instantaneously; but this seemed unyielding. I appeared to be poisoned, and my body was covered with eruptions. My eyes became inflamed, and for six weeks I was not able to see. Through all this, I fought for my joy, and loving help was given. My husband was healed and was soon able to return to work. I too was healed, joy returned, and I have been happier than ever before, for I have proved God's presence and have not found Him wanting in the darkest hour.

Testimony of Healing
About seven years ago my dear father passed on with...
February 17, 1934

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