From the time I was a girl I was always interested in religious...

From the time I was a girl I was always interested in religious questions. I was brought up and confirmed in the Church of England, but later its limitations did not satisfy me; and a God who was capable of sending sickness to His children did not conform to my idea of what Love should be. I drifted into the humanly intellectual study of theosophy, and then to spiritualism. I found them both unsatisfactory, and the so-called mediums with whom I came in contact were so unlike those people through whom I felt any Godlike message would come that I became disheartened and dismayed.

My health had never been good, and by this time I was under the doctor's constant care with an organic displacement, gastric trouble, and general debility. One day when a friend recommended that I study Christian Science I remarked that I was always ready to look into anything fresh, and returned home carrying "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which this friend had lent me. I studied for two or three days and then arranged to meet a practitioner to whom I took a list of questions to be answered. Very lovingly and patiently she gave me answers, some of which I disputed with an air of intellectual superiority. I was honest and earnest in my desire for the truth, however, and eventually, with much struggling and striving, I learned a little about God; and I found healing for the above-mentioned troubles in the scientific truth which Jesus taught, and which our beloved Leader discovered and gave to this age.

Testimony of Healing
From infancy I had been delicate, and grew worse as I...
February 17, 1934

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