About seven years ago my dear father passed on with...

[Original testimony in German]

About seven years ago my dear father passed on with lung trouble. At this time I was a very frail child of pallid appearance. I had a cough and complained of pains in my side and of headaches, all of which my mother thought were inherited from my father; and I was always under medical treatment. My mother heard about Christian Science from a friend, who took me to a practitioner. The latter taught me that God does not make sick children but healthy ones, and that I, as God's child, had received and inherited only health. After a very few treatments my appearance improved, and the pains and cough disappeared altogether. I am now a happy and healthy child. I thank the practitioner for her love; and I am grateful to all those who showed me the way to Christian Science. I also thank our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for her discovery of Christian Science, and give God alone the glory.—(Miss) Gertrud Wolk, Podelzig b. Frankfurt a/O, Germany.

Signs of the Times
February 17, 1934

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