In Science and Health (p. 224) Mrs. Eddy states, "No...

In Science and Health (p. 224) Mrs. Eddy states, "No power can withstand divine Love." The truth of this statement was proved to me five years ago when I experienced my first healing through the power of this Love. It overcame other so-called powers which had held me in bondage for more than two years, years filled to overflowing with intense pain, and with fear and discouragement. During this trying period I had resorted to many methods of material treatment, including those of physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, only to find, like the woman mentioned in the Bible, that I was "nothing bettered, but rather grew worse." The latter part of these two years found me confined to my bed. The diagnosis of the last specialist was that I had a defective spine, a carious hip bone, and an extremely bad condition of arthritis. His further verdict was that I should probably never walk again, but he said that an operation to remove the carious portion of the bone would be instrumental in prolonging my life. I would not consent to this, however, and prayed for a speedy death.

In the dark watches of the night, when the pains seemed unbearable, and opiates of the strongest variety failed to ease, a "still small voice" seemed to whisper, You do not need to suffer this way, nor need you die; you can be healed through Christian Science treatment. Although I had heard a little about this Science, that little was not much to its credit. Nevertheless I pondered these words the remainder of the night, for, while not very religious, I felt as though I had received a heavenly message. The following morning I told my husband about it, and asked if I might try Christian Science. He was only too glad to have me try anything which might help me; and that same day a friend called a practitioner for me. I shall never forget the first visit of that loyal, friendly person; and my heart will ever be filled with deep gratitude for all the wonderful help he has given me, for his never failing kindness, his ever-readiness to help me over the rough places. I had suffered much and must have been most trying at times. But he told me of a God of love, a God who does not afflict His children, but who is compassionate and merciful, ever present and omnipotent.

Testimony of Healing
On page 179 of the Christian Science textbook Mrs. Eddy...
February 3, 1934

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